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Mastersizer 3000 – the latest generation of particle sizing instruments

Broad particle size range: 10 nm … 3.5 mmQuick switch from wet dispersion to powder dispersionFlexible reporting capabilities so you can display your data exactly as you want it, customizable directly to your needsA user-friendly and modern software that also includes a tool for data quality assessmentThe system is the easiest to use and operating it is comfortable – spare your nervesEasy to place in a laboratory – compact yet powerful
The Mastersizer 3000 is the state-of-the-art technology for particle size analysis. The system design shows Malvern’s extensive experience of particle sizing. The Mastersizer products are the most popular instruments used in industry, research institutes and educational institutions.
Mastersizer 3000 Mastersizer 3000 Mastersizer 3000 Henkilö tietokoneella laitteen Mastersizer 3000 vieressä



Malvern Mastersizer MS3000

Malvern MS3000

Malvern MS3000 ja dispersion unit Aero-S

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