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Antaris II

Reliable FT-NIR system for quality controlThe device measures spectrums, and it can be taught to interpret unknown samples based on calibrationsSuitable for any samplesAnalysis speed of less than minutePrecise and repeatable analysis results that can be transferred directly to LIMSMethod development is quick and easy – and Hosmed will help you
Antaris II FT-NIR is an excellent tool for production quality control and analysing materials and end products. Thanks to its broad selection of detectors and equipment, you can use the system for temperature-controlled transmissions measurements and measurements from sample cups or sample guns. The sample types can be anything from clear or cloudy solutions to pastes or solid samples. Various sample feeders can also be connected to Antaris. The measurements are based on calibrations that are easy to set using the Thermo software according to sample spectra and the corresponding reference results. Hosmed can help you with creating calibration models!
Antaris II

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