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Microwave Digestion

CEM started manufacturing microwave digestion systems for laboratories in 1983, as the first company in the world. Their many innovations for safety and usability have made CEM systems very popular in Finland. Choosing the system and accessories based on your laboratory’s needs helps you find the optimal solution.

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A wide range of digestion applications are available for various sample matrixes:

  • Environmental samples
  • Food samples
  • Samples from the metal and chemical industries
  • Water samples

You can order publications and method notes on CEM’s website. You first need to sign up for the website, after which you can look for instructions via the search engine. You can also request the same materials from Hosmed for free. When ordering materials, please remember to state the numerical article code (or sample type) provided on the CEM website. The materials are primarily delivered as PDF files. However, if you wish to receive the materials as printouts, please specify which articles you want printed.