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Dynamic light scattering (DLS)

Dynamic light scattering (DLS) is a well-known method for determining molecular size, particle size and distribution. It also leaves the samples intact.

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Dynaaminen Valonsironta, DLS

Typical DLS applications include the characterisation of liquid-dispersed or dissolved particles, emulsions or molecules. Light scatters differently on particles and molecules because of the Brownian motion. These changes in intensity help determine the speed of the Brownian motion, and the particle size can be calculated using the Stokes-Einstein equation.

Malvern systems make use of the DLS technology and provide the following benefits:

  • Accurate, reliable and repeatable particle size analysis in just a few minutes
  • Measurements can be run in the sample’s natural environment
  • On average, only knowledge of the dispersant viscosity is required to measure particle size.
  • Little to no sample preparation; cloudy and high-concentration samples can be measured directly
  • Simple preparation and fully automated measuring
  • Measure particles sized < 1 nm
  • Molecular weight measurement at MW < 1,000Da
  • Small sample volumes (2 µl)
  • Compliant with standards ISO13321, ISO22412, 21 CFR Part 11