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Thermo ICP-OES are best known for their excellent performance, reliable service and readily available technical support and maintenance services.

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ICP-OES general

ICP-OES stands for ‘Inductively Coupled Optical Emission Spectrometer’. Colloquially, we often call it simply ICP and ‘Ossi’. ICP-OES has first-class analysis capacity: dozens of elements can be measured for during a single run (in less than a minute) at a wider concentration range. iCAP PRO ICP-OES allow for accurate measurements at a high resolution and low detection limits with high-performance optics. The user-friendly software allows for full automation of measurements and reports. The unique CID (=Charge Injection Device) semiconductor detector ensures reliable measurements even in complex matrixes.  The method development work done by Hosmed’s chemists has helped dozens of laboratories to use new systems and/or technologies. Our services ensure quick adoption and continuous support. Hosmed’s skilled staff and large spare part warehouse ensure fast and efficient repairs and routine maintenance.

ICP-OES is the technique of choice for many applications that require analysing a sample for its elemental content. Here are some examples:

  • Environmental samples (soil and water)
  • Food
  • Process solutions in the chemical industry
  • Oils, greases and biofuels