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The Thermo ICP-MS systems are effective measuring instruments. The broad range of elements to be measured, combined with high sensitivity, make the system a feasible option when a laboratory aims to measure various elements cost-efficiently.

General information about the ICP-MS technology

Over 70 elements can be measured simultaneously from a sample The technology allows samples with a broad concentration range to be measured at the same time. Using the ICP MS technology for water sample analysis is especially popular since the high sensitivity allows for extremely low concentrations to be measured accurately and repeatably (below the lower limits for the GFAAS technology). The sample to be measured may also contain high elemental concentrations, which allows for the measurement of both low and high concentrations, regardless of element. The ICP-MS systems use two different techniques: quadrupole (iCAP RQ, iCAP TQ and iCAP TQe) and magnetic separation (Element 2 and Neptune). The latter have high resolution power, which enables zero-interference measuring and excellent accuracy. Quadrupole systems are very popular today thanks to their effective interference removal and good price-performance ratio.

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