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Privacy Policy

Henkilötietolaki (523/1999) 10 ja 24 § – Laatimispäivämäärä 24.5.2018

1. Data controller

Hosmed Oy
Ennekuja 1
02270 Espoo

2. Contact person in matters related to the personal data register

Hosmed Oy
Sami Haiko, Account Manager
+358 (0) 20 775 6332

3. Register name

Hosmed Oy customer register

4. Purpose of processing personal data

The personal data in the register will be processed in connection with a customer relationship. Data recorded in the register will be used to contact existing customers, acquire new customers and marketing the services offered by the company.

Digital direct marketing will be carried out in accordance with the Finnish Act on Electronic Communications Services (917/2014) and the good practices of B2B email marketing. We will aim to direct the email communications as specifically as possible according to the data subject’s job description. Email marketing can be refused via a link included in each marketing message or by emailing the contact person specified above.

5. Data content in the register

The customer’s name and work-related contact information (postal address, email address and phone number) will be recorded in the register.

6. Regular data sources

In most cases, personal data will be collected directly from customers. The register will include the existing and potential users of the products imported by Hosmed Oy. Furthermore, it will be compiled in connection with Hosmed Oy’s customer contacts by collecting data from public sources, organisations’ websites and publications.

7. Transfer of data subject’s personal data

The personal data in the register will not be transferred outside the European Union or the European Economic Area. Individual data items may be transferred on a case-by-case basis; separate consent from the data subject will be requested. In such cases, the reason for transferring the data will be enabling communication between a data subject and an external party.

8. Cookies and similar technology

We use cookies and other similar technologies to provide services. Cookies are small text files placed on the user’s device to collect normal log data related to the internet. Specific features on the Service require the use of cookies. We use cookies to increase the Service’s functionality and make it easier to use.

The user may change their browser settings so that it does not allow cookies to be used. The user may also restrict the use of cookies or delete cookies from their browser. However, since cookies are a part of the Service’s means of operation, restricting the use of cookies may affect the Service’s functionality.

The website uses Google Analytics to analyse the use of the site.

9. Data security

The register will be processed through automated means. The register is protected from parties outside Hosmed Oy with a firewall and an encrypted connection.

10. Changes and inspection

Everyone has the right to inspect their data recorded in the register by contacting the person specified below. Everyone has the right to demand that incorrect information in the register be rectified or their contact information be removed from the register.

Sami Haiko
Account Manager
+358 (0) 20 775 6332

Hosmed Oy
Importing, instruction and maintenance of laboratory systems
Ennekuja 1, 02270 Espoo