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Standards, PrimAg

Alkuainestandardit ja suojaputket Alkuainestandardit

For years, ROMIL has been a pioneer in standard solutions suitable for trace elemental analysis. In ROMIL’s unique system, the concentration of each standard solution can be traced to the SI unit mole. When selling its standard solution products, ROMIL uses the ‘Certificate of Calibration’, which signals that the manufacturing process fulfils the ISO17025 criteria for accredited laboratories. FINAS acknowledges this certificate.

The PrimAg products come in three categories:

  • PrimAg-lite operating standards at a nominal concentration (AA)
  • PrimAg-plus certified standards (AA, ICP and ICP-MS)
  • PrimAg-xtra certified standards with impurity data (AA, ICP and ICP-MS)

Pre-made mixture standards are available of the PrimAg standards, designed for ICP and ICP-MS systems. Customers may also customise certified mixture standards to their specifications (you can choose the elements present and their concentrations).

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