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Analyser and software for detectors

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Along with the new and rapid SDDs, free of liquid nitrogen, the software intended for microanalysis have also developed and become faster. The Thermo NS7 analyser and software for EDS, WDS and EBSD allow the measuring rate to be increased over tenfold compared to conventional systems. Element maps (even quantitative ones) can be compiled in less than a minute, depending on the sample matrix. The increased measuring rate allow all data collected to be processed on a separate PC: the line analysis position and the elements on the map can even be change retroactively.

NS7 analyser

  • Rapid processing (over 1,000,000 counts/s)
  • Sum and automatic removal of escape peaks

Pathfinder software

The Pathfinder software, released in autumn 2016, fully modernises the measuring and processing of EDS spectra.

Basic programs

  • Spectrum interpretation
  • Quantification
  • Point analysis
  • Line analysis (signal-based and quantitative)
  • Element maps (signal-based and quantitative)
  • Spectral Imaging
  • Collects all data from the area selected, allowing the data to be processed later offline (spectra, line analyses and element maps).
  • Word and PowerPoint reports at the touch of a button
  • Unlimited installations on offline systems
HB Pathfinder Instrument 950 x 200
HB Pathfinder Instrument 950 x 200

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