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Next-generation microwave synthesiser with the most precise reaction control in the industryNo compromises on safetySynthesis temperature of up to 300°CThe integrated video camera enables video and photo capture during the reactionModern and user-friendly software with a touchscreenReaction vessel size up to 100 ml
If your laboratory operates in synthetic chemistry, you may want to learn more about the Discover 2.0 synthesiser that allows you to synthesise reaction products from milligrams to five grams. The design of Discover 2.0 focuses on safety and user comfort, in particular: reaction temperatures are monitored in real time by the precise iWave technology. The temperature sensor monitors the true temperature of the reaction solution instead of the vessel’s outer surface, which helps you avoid excessive reaction temperatures. The Activent technology ensures that the inner pressure of the reaction vessel does not rise too high during the synthesis. With the integrated video camera, you can monitor the synthesis visually, instead of depending on figures and graphs only. Many interesting accessories are available for Discover 2.0, and it can be automated with a 12/48-position autosampler.

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