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All elements can be measured simultaneously in less than a minuteHigh and low concentrations can be measured reliably without memory effect or interferenceCost-efficient maintenance service and our local spare part warehouse ensure the best utilisation rateSample data is entered into the software electronically and results are reported to LIMSConstellation measuring allows measuring signals to be used qualitativelyThe 100-page user manual has received much praiseUnrivalled helpdesk offers assistance in all situationsThe local spare part warehouse ensures fastest service on the market
iCAP PRO ICP-OES is a reliable system with extensive support available
Helppkäyttöinen ICP-OES rutiini- ja tutkimuskäyttöön iCAP PRO ICP-OES torchin käsittely on helppoa iCAP PRO ICP-OES ja optiikan ikkuna iCAP PRO ICP-OES

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Analytics event

Hosmed Oy has organised its analytics event since 2001. The event is a mix of various elements: education, networking and maintaining know-how. The event programme includes various topics that vary each year. The event has been attended by numerous laboratory professionals for years. The event held before the pandemic had over 200 visitors.

Video: iCAP PRO ICP-OES in intensive use

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