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PAMAS AS3 – particle counter with autosampler

Particle counter for busy laboratoriesUnattended measurement of up to 600 samples per dayThe sampling lines are cleaned automatically between samples to prevent cross-contaminationParticle agglomerates are dissipated and aeriation removed before the measurement via the integrated ultrasonic probeQuick and efficient – during the measurement of one sample, the subsequent sample is preparedSamples can be diluted automatically before measurementAlso suitable for high-purity liquidsCalibrated according to international standard ISO 11171Option to transfer data to LIMS
PAMAS AS3 is everything a busy laboratory needs from a particle counting system: the fully automated system allows the measuring of hundreds of samples per day, freeing up operators’ valuable time for other tasks. PAMAS AS3 can be customised for your needs – please contact us if you are interested in automated particle analysis.


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