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Phoenix BLACK

Phoenix Black – fastest ash sample system on the marketAnalysis in just minutes instead of hours – save time by 97%Easy to useThe crucibles cool to the touch in seconds – no need for desiccation
Ashing with the CEM Phoenix BLACK system is based on microwaves, a porous furnace space and high oxygen supply. The Phoenix BLACK can ash up any sample in just 15–30 minutes. Even though the furnace heats up extremely fast, many users accelerate the process further by keeping the furnace on standby at the ashing temperature. The system does not require a fume hood, and it is safe and comfortable to use as it outer surfaces do not heat up. CEM’s patented ashing crucibles are very practical as they only weigh a few grams and can be cleaned in the furnace; they do not require washing, unlike porcelain crucibles. They also cool to the touch in an instant. In addition to CEM crucibles, other types of crucibles can also be used in the system. The programs can be selected via a modern touch screen.

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