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Thermo AAS system

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Thermo AAS-laitteistoa

  • Compact and effective systems
  • Flame (FAAS), graphite furnace (GFAAS) and hydride (CVAAS)


  • Flame device (FAAS), iCE 3300
    • Automatic gas box
    • Graphite furnace (GFAAS) as an accessory
    • Hydride as an accessory
  • Graphite furnace device (GFAAS), iCE 3400
    • Automatic gas box
    • Zeeman background correction
    • Hydride as an accessory
  • Combination device (FAAS + GFAAS), iCE 3500
    • Automatic gas box
    • Normal graphite furnace or Zeeman
    • Flame (FAAS) and graphite furnace (GFAAS) as standard features
    • Hydride as an accessory


  • Sample feeders
  • Autodilution system
  • Hydride measuring
  • Hg cold vapour
  • Validation

Technical specifications

  • 2-ray machine
  • Background correction
    • Deuterium in all models
    • Furnace devices can also have Zeeman as an option
  • 6-lamp holder; separate power supply for each lamp
  • PC or keyboard panel control
  • Automatic lamp direction in all models
  • Automatic burner height adjustment

Spare parts

Spare parts and accessories can be ordered via Hosmed Oy.

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