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Zetasizer Advance

Best-selling DLS/ELS/SLS systemEasy to useAI-based softwareQuick and reliable maintenance and support services from Finland
Henkilöt laitteen Zetasizer parissa Zetasizer Pro and Ultra Henkilö tietokoneella laitteen Zetasizer kanssa

Zetasizer Advance is the successor to the highly successful and market-leading Nano product family.

Each model in the Zetasizer Advance Range offers particle size, particle charge (zeta potential) and molecular weight analysis.

The product family consists of three models: Lab, Pro and Ultra.  Each of the three models is available as a Blue Label or Red Label variant

  • Choose Blue Label for routine sample investigation such as metallic colloids, metal oxides and pigments
  • Choose Red Label for more challenging sample types, such as proteins, surfactant solutions and low solid content samples

Zetasizer Advance Ultra

Zetasizer Advance Ultra

The flagship system offers the advantages of both the Lab and Pro systems. It also offers two unique measurement capabilities: Multi-Angle Dynamic Light Scattering (MADLS®) and particle concentration (Ultra Red Label only).

Zetasizer advance Pro

Zetasizer Advance Pro

Versatile system with Non-Invasive Back Scatter (NIBS) technology, among others.

Zetasizer Advance Lab

Zetasizer Advance Lab

For determining particle size and zeta potential in a starter-level system. Measurements at 90 degrees.

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