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Triple-quadrupole ICP-MS sensitivity with four collision and reaction gases (O2, H2, NH3, He)The TQ-O2 measuring mode allows several elements to be measured reliably (such as As and Se)The TQ-H2 measuring mode improves the reliability of elemental analysis (such as Si, K, Ca)The TQ-NH3 measuring mode improves the reliability of measurements on e.g. titaniumThe Reaction Finder feature makes it easy to start using the systemThe same software is used to run ICP-MS and ICP-OES systems, which makes it easier to use all of theseThe zero-maintenance angle guide replaces the old ion lens technologyNo ion lens – no maintenance on the vacuum chamber required from the userEffortless maintenance (torch and cones can be replaced in less than a minute)The extraction lens is easy to clean
iCAP TQ ICP-MS-MS is high-end quadrupole ICP-MS-MS technology
iCAP TQ ICP-MS-MS iCAP TQ LA-ICP-MS-MS ASX press ja ASX-560 Helppokäyttöinen iCAP RQ ICP-MS
  • Easy-to-use ICP-MS-MS system for routine and research operations
  • The unique Reaction Finder makes using the system significantly easier
  • Measurements in less than a minute per sample
  • Many challenging interferences that are typical of conventional quadrupole ICP MS can be eliminated with iCAP TQ ICP-MS-MS. Elements such as As, Cd, Hg, Se, Sb, Ti, P and S can be measured accurately and without interference, even at lower concentrations
  • Diverse Qtegra software that is easy to use. The same software can also be used for the ICP-OES technique, which makes it easier to use various techniques in the same lab
  • The robust plasma mode allows samples with high diluted salt content to be measured reliably
  • Sample feeding and dilution system makes routine analysis simpler. If the sample concentration is too high, the system will automatically dilute it by 4,000x, without interruptions
  • The argon gas dilution system allows for samples with high element concentration to be measured without extensive dissolving
  • Speciation (determining the concentration of elements at different stages of oxidation) is possible by connecting a chromatographic system (IC, LC or GC) to the spectrometer
  • Laser ablation allows for solid samples to be analysed
  • Nanoparticle analysis opens up new possibilities
ASX press ja ASX-560
Teledyne Cetac ASX-560 autosampler and ASXpress loop system
iCAP TQ and sample feeder
LA-ICP-MS-MS iCAP TQ ICp-MS-MS and laser ablation

Analytics event

Hosmed Oy has organised its analytics event since 2001. The event is a mix of various elements: education, networking and maintaining know-how. The event programme includes various topics that vary each year. The event has been attended by numerous laboratory professionals for years. The event held before the pandemic had over 200 visitors.

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