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MARS 6 Microwave Acid Digestion

User safety comes firstAutomatic detection of the type and number of vessels (automatic control)1–40 samples can be digested at the same timeThe unique iWave technology allows for temperature monitoring inside each vesselThe system has dozens of preset digestion methodsThe user can create their own digestion methods (over 500 pages of method notes are available)The touch screen lets you use the system even when wearing protective glovesFor high-throughput laboratories, there are many accessories available to maximise cost efficiency
CEM as manufacturer invented Microwave Digestion in 1985. Thanks to continuous product development, CEM has maintained position as global market leader for decades.
MARS 6 iPrep astiasarja Xpress Plus märkäpolttoastiat Xpress märkäpolttoastiat MARS 6 ja MARS Xpress-astiasarja

  • Efficient (digestion of up to 40 samples at a time)
  • Fast (digestion takes 10–30 min and cooling takes 15–20 min)
  • Repeatable (all samples are processed the same way)
  • Safe (acid fumes can be eliminated from the working environment)
  • Easy to use (automatic digestion and cooling)
  • The system auto-detects the type and number of the sample vessels.
  • The system regulates the supply of microwave energy while monitoring the reactions.
  • Using the LET sensors of the iWave technology allows the solution temperature of each sample to be monitored in real time
  • Examples of vessel types
    • EasyPrep, 1–12 samples at a time. Maximum temperature of 300⁰C and maximum pressure of 100 bar.
    • iPrep, 1–12 samples at a time.  The digestion temperature can be up to 250⁰C while the pressure is high.
    • Xpress, 1–40 samples at a time. The digestion temperature can be 210–240⁰C and the pressure 23–34 bar, depending on the vessel type
MARS 6 ja MARS Xpress-astiasarja
Various digestion vessels can be used in CEM MARS 6, depending on the sample properties
The touch screen makes MARS 6 easy to use
MARS 6 märkäpolttolaitteisto
The MARS 6 digestion system is placed on a normal laboratory table.

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